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Women of Wisdom, Empowerment & Enthusiasm
Women’s empowerment celebrations. Dates pending.

In early history there are stories of a land where women were loved & respected by themselves and each other. They were in custody of their personal religion & their own bodies. They celebrated monthly rituals in high energy & creativity. Honoring the moon & their moon-time, they fed one another’s soul. It was an earth-centered celebration occurring in the women’s house called TAPUU (later to be named taboo) which meant magic.

Today, Dr. Valerie Lane Simonsen, naturopathic physician and shaman, excavates the taboo by opening her heart to celebrations for women once again. With the auspicious transit of the feminine planet of Venus (2004 to 2012), WOWEE will “remember who we are as women”. To “walk softly like the deer” with the essence of Venus as our center. Venus is considered by some to be the planet of love and beauty and relates to the senses- sight, smell, taste, touch and sound; the body’s receptors. Let us relive the magical blueprint of our souls together in ritual & honor. We will be honoring ours & our “sister’s” bodies, relationships, finances, creativity, children, spirituality, travel & magic in enchanting celebration!

The Beauty and the Breast

Be our honored Guest, as one of Dr. Valerie Lane Simonsen’s most critically acclaimed and sought after women’s empowerment workshops of all time, "The Beauty & the Breast"”

Dr. Valerie is licensed by the state of Hawaii as a naturopathic doctor. She is an educator, clinician, massage therapist, author, lecturer, researcher, philanthropist and professional clown. She is a beautiful soul, here to serve in her highest capacity to “empower people to heal themselves.”

Mother Earth & sisters of like mind will embrace you in their sacred feminine space. Magical story, cavorting with the five elements of Chinese medicine, ancient hands on healing techniques, botanicals, mingled with modern medicine; we will dance with the prospects of breast good fortune.

Magical moments permeated with incomparable blends of nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, remembering & trust will feed your heart & soul.

Our promenade will be an educational occasion of enchanted festivity & entitlement. Affirmations of your truth will nourish your dreams, desires, & passion thus sustaining your attainment of an expansive & healthful life.

If the prophecy is true, sharing time as women will be magnificent & we would be honored with your presence which will deem success as “The Beauty & the Breast”.

Dress in comfortable clothing such as shorts. Traditional Maui dress-code of swimsuits & sarongs are welcomed as well.

Flower essences & botanicals will be available for purchase.

Wahine & the Moon
Monthly full moon ceremonies for young women & girls.
Contact Dr. Valerie @ 244-3844 or Janet Baldwin @ 870-3711 for current celebrations.



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