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Waterfall visualizations
Imagine standing under a beautiful waterfall washing away all of your concerns.
Take a deep breath & know all is well.

Water rituals
Bathing in sea salts with candles to support the cleansing of your being.

In vitro healing
In the water I would hold you in my arms just as a fetus is held in the womb. The journey of healing takes it own path. All is well.

Cleansing programs
Spring is the traditional time to cleanse the house. Chinese medicine supports this theory & liver cleanses are traditionally done in the spring. Nutrition, botanicals, exercise, colonics, prayer, journaling & other modalities are utilized in the process.

Your body is 70 to 90% water depending on which resource you read. Knowing this fact water is an excellent medicine to bring the body, mind & spirit into homeostasis.

Ancient therapies utilizing hot and cold water to enhance the innate ability of the body to heal.

Wet sock treatment
This treatment is to treat any inflammation or infection.
Soak cotton socks in cold water & apply to warm feet.
Cover with wool socks.
Go to bed.
Wake in the morning with dry socks. This treatment increases the circulation and decreases congestion of the chest, throat, & head. It enhances the healing response through immune system support.

Mud treatments
Mud has been used for centuries in aiding the body to expell toxins. My favorite mud/clay is Aztec healing clay.

Castor oil packs

Swimming & water aerobics or ballet
Fun! Fun! Fun!


Drinking water
Water purifiers

May we all have a NEWSTART of well-being today!
Every category has the 3 aspects of our essence to be fed: Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Click each category below to view my gift to you today!

NEWSTART - Nourishment
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NEWSTART- Sensuality
NEWSTART - Temperance
NEWSTART - Revelation

I extend this gratuity of hope….
May you always have the freedom to be yourself!



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