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233 South Market
Wailuku Maui Hawaii
Tuesday & Thursday
Hourly appointments with longer sessions as needed.
Contact for fees.

Phone consultations

  • International Support
  • All consults are recorded as well as treatment plans.
  • Contact for fees
  • Private tutoring
  • I come to your home and walk with you throughout your days and remind you of your truth along the way.
  • Fees vary according to locations & time spent together.
  • All consulttaions include a recorded cassette tape that will be mailed to you.

Come to Hawaii!

I can arrange all of your pleasure to be met on our beautiful island of Maui. You get me, massage, colonics, dance, raw foods, lodging, beach, mountains, ancient healing sites, play and much much more. Come let Maui & I nurture you and love you!

Contact for fees.


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