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These are ways that I offer you to be nurtured.

Solution focus counseling.
Emphasize a solution rather than the problem in counseling setting.

Explore your passion & refresh your strengths. Utilize positive thought patterning & implantation of affirmations. For example: I am nourished emotionally by loving people in my life!

Want to change your world quickly? Think of a situation in your life. Then think of what you WANT it to be. Then in your mind let the video be created. Do this in the morning on waking & at night before sleep. Then open your arms to embrace your vision in a short time.
Be specific of what you want!
The universe is here to serve you abundantly & quickly!

Guided imagery
With my assistance we can go on a journey into the realms of possibilities. You call the shots but sometimes we just need a little support. I am here to support you in person or on the phone.

Mirror practice
Go to your mirror & look into your eyes. Say I love you three times as you look into your eyes.
Do this 3 times a day & reap the benefits!

Vocabulary training
In our society there innumerable limits on how we are taught to express ourselves. An entertaining game is to take a list of words used in your daily interactions & then go to the thesaurus & find new words to express your truth.
Good = Virtuous
Big =Tremendous
Many = Innumerable

Writing down your feelings in words or pictures is a powerful tool. Journals are available but any piece of paper will do. Just start writing or drawing. Let it all come out of your being & land on the paper. Give yourself at least 5 minutes & more time if you are willing to make yourself the priority. When completed take a quick peak & be astonished with what you have created!

Using food as medicine we are being asked to remember the ancient teachings throughout history.
Eat every 2 hours small meals.
If you eat after 6pm the body does not have the same capacity to digest & assimilate foods according to Chinese medicine.

Foods to embrace:
Organic vegetables
Organic fruits in moderation
Organic grains
Hormone-free animal products if desired

Foods to side-step:
White foods
Gluten products
Genetically engineered foods
Non-organic foods

Take a moment of silence & ask your body’s permission to introduce a certain food. The body’s innate intelligence will tell you if a food is beneficial for you.
“Body, I would like to talk to you.” “Is this popcorn I am about to eat going to be highly beneficial to me?” My body usually says “yes, yes, yes!”
But I have learned this is an emotional response & then I ask to listen to the truth of my body, it says; “NO! Popcorn makes my belly hurt!”
So does this conversation stop me from eating popcorn? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Those times I do not follow the guidance of my body, I will be afforded great lessons of discomfort. My personal response to popcorn is itchy ears followed by pain in my lower right quadrant of my abdomen. Am I willing to pay that price to ease the emotional pain? Perhaps. This is a choice I am willing to make. Are you?

The plant kingdom offers many forms of nutrition for you. One of my favorite condiments & medicine is organic Hemp seed oil. It is a concentrated, complete & balanced sources of essential amino acids (EAA's) and essential fatty acids (EFA's). These are building blocks for proper function of all the tissues of the body.
1 tablespoon on morning & evening food intake keeps the body nourished!
Check out this website:

Is there something to the blood type diet by Peter D’Adomo? Yes I think it may be a helpful tool for you to get a greater understanding of your body’s relationship with foods. Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type

Supplements are a big business with many false claims made. If you are to use supplements contact the company and inquire on their Quality Assurance standards. You have the right as a consumer to have this information.
An example of an excellent company of fine integrity is Vital Nutrients.They state that their raw materials are always
Independently Laboratory Tested For:
• Microbiology Contamination — Bacteria, Yeast & Mold Counts
• Authenticity — Thin Layer Chromatography, HPLC, or Microscopy Identification
• Potency — Assay by HPLC, GC or appropriate scientifically valid test method
• Heavy Metals — Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic and Aluminum to the parts per billion level
• Multiple Chemical Solvent Residues — Tested by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy
• Aflatoxins — fungi toxins (All herbal products are tested for a panel of Aflatoxins)
• Peroxides & Anisidines — Markers of Rancidity (All Oil products)
• Herbicide, Pesticide and Fungicide Residue — A panel of 136 chemicals (All botanicals)
• 17 Dioxins & Dioxin-Like Compounds & 14 PCB’s — to the parts per trillion level (All Fish Oil products)
Finished Product Is Always Independently Laboratory Tested For:
• Label Claim Potency — Assay by HPLC, GC or appropriate scientifically valid test method
• Microbiology Contamination — Bacteria, Yeast & Mold Counts
Independent Laboratory Testing For Stability Profile & Expiration Date Validation:
• Stability Assay at 12 months to Assure Potency
• Stability Assay at 24 months to Assure Potency
• Bacteria, Yeast & Mold Assay at 12 and 24 months to Assure a Clean Product

Remembering who we are meant to be. I support you to march to your own drum beat & prance like the unique zebra that you are!

Soul retrieval is a modern term for an ancient phenomenon. Through trauma their may be a “fracturing of our soul”. This trauma may be a simple thing like a sibling born in the family to major surgery. With the process of soul retrievals we go back to the event & find the parts of our soul that may be elsewhere & offer a reunion with the rest of our being.

Past-life exploration
Explore different life times & find your effective qualities of that lifetime & invite them to join you this lifetime for you to utilize.

Prayer & meditation
Some say that prayer is talking to “God, source, spirit, etc” & meditation is listening to the answer.

Break the familiar patterns in regards to your nutritional habits with the knowledge that habits aren’t thrown out the window. They are coaxed down the stairs one step at a time.

DNA alignment
A unique healing process of profound healing based on information given to me through a 6 day silent fast on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

May we all have a NEWSTART of well-being today!
Every category has the 3 aspects of our essence to be fed: Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Click each category below to view my gift to you today!

NEWSTART - Nourishment
NEWSTART - Expression
NEWSTART- Sensuality
NEWSTART - Temperance
NEWSTART - Revelation

I extend this gratuity of hope….
May you always have the freedom to be yourself!



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