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Imagine if you will…. Someone on the other side of the planet is taking a breath at the same exact moment that you are. As they inhale & exhale so are you. The winds come & the world spins. Soon we can honor that we are all breathing the same air. It may look different…. Smell different …. But it is the same oxygen, nitrogen, & other compounds. …..Thus our breathes are one.
We are all connected by our breath.

The lungs are the primary organ for breathing. Although the primary muscle that supports a full breathe is the diaphragm muscle
Qi Song
Diaphyamic breath
Hawaiian air in your homes.
Live plants
Open windows

Harmony with the environment.
Love the mother earth & all beings will benefit
Explore nature & connect to her with your breath.
Feel grounded & safe in you home.

Mind clearing exercises
Daily practices to keep your mind free of energy stagnation

Respect & honor your home & environment with the practices of gratitude.
Ie) “spirit than you for this beautiful home.”

From the heavens I share my breath of love

Contract to life

May we all have a NEWSTART of well-being today!
Every category has the 3 aspects of our essence to be fed: Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Click each category below to view my gift to you today!

NEWSTART - Nourishment
NEWSTART - Expression
NEWSTART- Sensuality
NEWSTART - Temperance
NEWSTART - Revelation

I extend this gratuity of hope….
May you always have the freedom to be yourself!



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