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Meet Dr. Valerie Lane Simonsen, ND
Dr. Valerie Lane Simonsen, ND The following biography is a taste of who I am. My background is colorful through personal and social experiences. With this astonishing life story I am a competent & compassionate physician facilitating individuals to recall their inner resources that hold their answers. Anointed with the gift of heightened senses which permit observation of the past, present & future in people’s lives, I am here to serve in my highest capacity to empower people to heal themselves.

National College of Naturopathic Medicine
Doctorate 1995 - Portland, Oregon
Montana State University
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1991 - Bozeman, Montana
Emergency Medical Technician
Ruby Valley & Beaverhead County Montana - 1983-1991
CPR & Advanced 1st Aid instructor
Southwest Montana - 1982-1991
Sheridan High School
Sheridan, Montana - Diploma 1975

Clinical Experience
Makana Lani Healing Center - Maui, Hawaii - 1997 to present
Dragon’s Den Healing Center - Makawao, Hawaii - 1997 – 2001
Medical Arts Service - Bozeman, Montana - 1995 – 2001
Portland Naturopathic Clinic - Portland Oregon - 1991 – 1995
Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) - Portland, Oregon - 1991-1995 Preceptor
Indian Health Service (HIS) - Portland, Oregon 1995 Preceptor
Indonesian Medical Clinic - Portland, Oregon 1995 Preceptor
Institute of Traditional Medicine - Portland, Oregon - 1994-1995 Preceptor
ANHO Medical Center - Portland, Oregon - 1994-1995 Preceptor
Dr. Jared Zeff, ND - Portland, Oregon - 1991-1995 Preceptor

Professional interests
Empowering people to heal themselves
Earth & body recommitment ceremonies
Solution focus counseling
Spiritual healing
Stress management
Western, Chinese & Hawaiian botanicals
Cell salts
Naturopathic manipulation
Complementary medicine
Play therapy
Art therapy
Meditation & visualization workshops
Organic gardening
Environmental education
Global warming education
Genetically engineering of food sources

Research experience
Women’s empowerment (WOWEE)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Gulf War Syndrome
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with years of service with NARA (Native American Rehabilitation Association)
Genetically engineering of food sources
Battered Women’s Syndrome
Ancient healing techniques of the Lakota Sioux, Hawaiians, Chinese & life.
Professional clown
The beneficial effects of humor in our daily lives.

Related work experience
SHPDA - State of Hawaii Health Planning & Development Agency
Tri-Isle County (Maui, Molokai, Lanai) - Head Start on Maui
Health advisory committee
Natural Medicine for Tsunami Survivors - February 2005
3 weeks Khaolak, Thailand refugee camps
Maui Medical Center
Continuing education board member 2001-2005
Allied Health Steering Committee
Chair for naturopathic physicians 2001
Life-fest Maui
Continuing education chair MMC 2003-2004
Upcountry Water Ohana
Chair of “Get the Lead Out” program creating safe drinking water for Maui & a template for the EPA & the nation of America.
Battered Women’s Network
Educating & empowering neglected women
Maui correctional center
Educational support
Montana State University Health Services
Student representative for national and regional conferences.
Massage therapist

Teaching experience
WOWEE - Women empowerment movement
Wahine & the Moon - Monthly full moon ceremonies for young girls.
Maui Medical Center - Continuing education
SHPDA - Complementary medical solutions to current health issues.
We As Women - Monthly new moon ceremonies
Guest lecturer - Maui Mended Hearts
Maui AIDS foundation
Women Helping Women
CFS support groups
Nature’s Outlet
As the Doctor series
Just for Today
Ask the Doctor
AKAKU public television
The Doctor Is In
Producer & host
Television program on complementary medicine
Junior Achievement 1998

Professional Licenses
State of Hawaii - #115
State of Montana - Expired 1999
State of California - Pending

The Doctor Is In
The Mauiana magazine
The Wellness Guide
Maui Family
Current books awaiting publication are women new moon ceremonies & breast health.

References available on request. Mahalo

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