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Who is Dr. Valerie?
Licensed Naturopathic Physician Shaman

What does Dr. Valerie do?
Empower people to heal themselves with modern medicine & ancient healing techniques.

Where can you find Dr. Valerie?
Today Dr. Valerie is dedicated to writing the numerous books that have been put in a file for later. Later is finally here. She is not taking any clients until further notice. Feel free to contact her email which is checked weekly.

When can we have time together?
As a global physician I could be in your country!
Contact me & leave a message. I will respond within 24 hours unless noted on my message system. Mahalo!

Email: drvaleriesimonsen@gmail.com
Phone USA: 1-808-646-1951
Phone Google: 406-359-1519
SKYPE: docvalnd
Facebook: Valerie Simonsen